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Modern Mindfulness

"Mindfulness at the most fundamental level is about increasing our awareness of what's happening in our minds, throughout our bodies, and in the world around things and a couple of thousand years of empirical evidence suggests there is one way to cultivate mindfulness that trumps all the rest: Meditation."

NY TIMES reporter
Author Mindful Work - David Gelles

In This Space

In the hustle of modern life it can be difficult to find the time and the space to switch off and just be still.

Our studio offers a place to reconnect with yourself through modern meditation practices that can help you to cut out the world, be present and take your sense of calm and balance with you out into the world.

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Why Meditate

Calm your Mind

Find some space to gain clarity and find stillness. A space you can quieten your thoughts and create a sense of calm.

Increase Creativity

Studies have shown that meditation bolsters our concentrative powers, and rewires our brains allowing us to be more productive.

Find your Balance

In modern day life we can sometimes feel overwhelmed. Meditation allows us space to find perspective and remain focused.

Connecting Communities

Each time you connect to the mat, W1LL supports a person in need.
We believe that we all work best when we are connected to ourselves- and to others.
This connection of 'living beyond self' is at the core of W1LL.

We are all human and we believe we all share the same hopes and desires no matter
where we live. Our W1LL Studio community contributes to changing the lives of 37,483 people in a community in Malawi.

Changing the world... one yoga class at a time.

How We Give