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Yoga. meditation. Redefined.

Your space. your world. your studio.

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Yoga. Redefined.

Built around music

Our uniquely curated, easy to follow classes are designed for you to build strength and flexibility through movement. A modern take on an ancient practice.


Immersive Experience

W1LL uses design, sound and a multisensory approach to
take you away from your busy mind.

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Meditation. Redefined.

Modern Mindfulness

W1LL Surry Hills is Australia's first, drop-in, guided, meditation studio. Offering a series of curated modern meditation practices that are accessible to anyone and everyone will to commit to give it a try.


Immersive Experience

Our studio is designed to help you escape distractions and immerse yourself in our audio-guided meditations.

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Connecting Communities

With every purchase W1LL supports a human in need.

We believe in human potential and we believe we all share the same hopes and desires no matter where we live.

Our W1LL Studio community contributes to changing the lives of 37,483 people in a community in Malawi.

Changing the world... one yoga or meditation class at a time.

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